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Real compost in your own household – how home composting works

The best thing for leftovers: A soilkind composter not only helps you to make good use of your organic waste, it is also your environmental friend that scores points with its beautiful design and the production of real compost. Find out how it works, why processing organic waste is good for the environment and how you can support the soil and your plants with fresh compost here.

Smoothie bowl, brunch with your loved ones or a regular evening meal. Who hasn't experienced it: sometimes there's something left over - and we all have leftovers at home. 

Most people now have three options for organic waste: 

Waste Option 1: Residual waste

Waste option 2: Organic waste

Waste option 3: Compost heap in the garden

Option 1 and 2 definitely do not make real compost. Food that ends up in regular garbage, i.e. residual waste, is actually a real eco-sin, because it is usually buried in landfills, where it continues to rot and emit climate-damaging methane gas. 

Organic waste is often used to produce biogas or ends up in large composting plants, where organic waste is processed into industrial compost and used for agricultural purposes, for example. 

Anyone who has the luxury of having their own garden with a compost heap knows the benefits of real compost. However, the production of real compost in the garden takes some time - because organic waste requires time to decompose. A banana peel, for example, takes around six to eight weeks to turn into humus. 

Is there no quicker, cleaner and, above all, more convenient solution for waste? 

Real compost in just 48 hours – it's so easy to do at home 

soilkind is the first fully automatic composter that produces fresh, hygienic and real compost from organic waste within 48 hours. This is made possible by a patented two-chamber system that has been developed over many years and intelligently recycles your leftovers - easily and directly at home, for example in your kitchen. 

Our composter takes up no more space than a well-organized waste garbage can and is always at your side, because you can easily fill soilkind with your waste at any time. 

The best thing is: unlike a conventional compost heap, you can dispose of almost all organic food in soilkind and thus also fully utilize seasoned and cooked food, dairy products, meat or citrus fruits. 

The device for your leftovers: real compost without microorganisms

You may have come across a Bokashi bucket or other electric composters such as Lomi or WeEarth. They all offer an alternative to the conventional waste garbage can. At the same time, we don't believe they produce real compost. 

Compost is a complex process in nature that requires an optimal temperature, humidity and duration so that the microorganisms naturally present in the food are provided with optimal conditions to initiate a composting process. 

At soilkind, we have developed a high-tech sensor system that you can easily operate and that creates the best conditions for this natural process to take place in a minimum amount of time: This turns organic waste into real compost in 48 hours. 

Other manufacturers use additional microorganisms to speed up their composting process. You have to add these bacteria separately for each composting cycle. soilkind processes your organic waste without any of these additives. This is how the power of nature and state-of-the-art technology work together. 

Organic waste recycling into real compost - why is composting important? 

According to a study by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), around 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted worldwide every year. This not only produces gases that are harmful to the climate - important nutrients that the soil and therefore also the plants need to grow in a healthy and balanced way are not kept in circulation. 

Real compost is an all-rounder: it ensures that the soil is supplied with more nutrients - so you can do something good in the garden bed straight from the kitchen. Real compost also helps the soil to retain more water and oxygen. 

Once you have filled soilkind and the composter has done its work, you can either store compost until the optimum fertilizer time or use it straight away? When composting, your organic waste loses around 80% of its volume, so you have significantly less ready-to-use compost than organic waste. Stored away from light and air, the compost will last up to two years. 

soilkind's water tank provides you with nutrient-rich water that you can use for your plants. This is how you nurture and care for your soil and your plants, from pot to bed to garden. 

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