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Familie gibt KALEA Kompost zu Tomatenpflanzen im Garten



Protect the soil, be kind, use soilkind


The background.

Every year, more than 11 million tons of food are thrown away in Germany alone. In addition, many households do not have proper organic waste disposal. This is extremely harmful to the climate, because improperly disposed organic waste continues to rot in landfills and causes methane gas - a gas that is many times more dangerous than CO2. 


Yet organic waste has so much potential! We see it as a great resource and have therefore teamed up to make a difference and create real added value. 

The idea. 

Fresh compost in 48 hours? Oh yeah! Many devices on the current market dry and shred organic waste - but they don't make real compost. That's what we want to do better.


Founded in 2017, we've spent the last few years developing a unique device inspired by nature. Using a highly engineered, patented two-chamber system, soilkind naturally manages to turn organic kitchen waste into real compost within 48 hours.

The impact.

Through our sustainable actions and environmentally friendly recycling of organic waste into nutrient-rich compost, we are giving something good back to the earth. To the earth as a planet, and also to the earth in the truest sense of the word: soilkind does something good for our soil.


Important nutrients and minerals are returned to the earth through your plants or veggie patches - and the water contained in the food is also preserved in the cycle.

The vision.

We want to promote an appreciation of organic waste in society and its relevance to a healthy ecosystem, and ensure that in the future no valuable nutrients in the form of food end up in landfills or in waste-to-energy factories. We also want to make the handling of kitchen waste in everyday life even more convenient and hygienic.

The team.

We at soilkind are a team of biologists, tech nerds, material scientists, engineers and electronics specialists based in the beautiful city of Stuttgart. We are united by our love for nature and our enthusiasm for smart, meaningful and enriching solutions in the household.

A little hint.

When we started, our kitchen composter was named KALEA. Our product, our brand and our mission has grown - and so has our name. Since December 2022, we've been called soilkind.


Director of market

"We wanted to find a sustainable
and convenient solution."


Director of tech

"With soilkind we united the best parts of nature and high-tech."

Who writes about us:

... and many others

Production Partner

Since 2022, the traditional German company Kärcher has supported us with its expertise in development and production. The high competence to produce technical machines and the necessary capacity to buy and organize needed parts lifts our kitchen composter to a whole new level.



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