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5 reasons why soilkind makes your kitchen even better

Nature and high tech united. soilkind not only makes the earth a little greener - no, the smart kitchen composter makes your kitchen and your everyday life around slicing, cooking and disposing even better. For real? Today we share 5 reasons why soilkind should be moving into your home soon.

1. Super fresh air

Love your morning smoothie? Nothing like a freshly made salad? Diligently disposing your daily apple in organic waste? Then you know about this phenomenon: not every little piece of kitchen garbage goes down the drain. We collect our organic waste in the kitchen and after a few days a musty, putrid smell often spreads in the trash can. Most waste bins are insulated - but when the dripping bag finally goes down to the bin, the fun is over. soilkind turns your kitchen waste disposal into a smooth and odorless process. As soon as you fill soilkind, your waste is shredded, dried and safely stored. A powerful carbon filter prevents odors from escaping. Then the composting phase begins, which is also odorless. The only thing you smell at the end is fresh, earthy compost.

2. No more fruit flies

The terrible smell is one thing, but an extended family of fruit flies often joins after a few days. They are a natural part of many foods, yet still quite annoying. Since soilkind processes your kitchen waste in a completely hygienic fashion, fruit flies don't stand a chance. Unfortunately, they’ll have to celebrate their kitchen party in another home from now on.

3. Continuously dispose organic waste

Anyone who likes to cook fresh food knows the mountains of waste that can be produced. Your organic waste will be full at some point - soilkind will not. Your fully automatic kitchen composter can be filled 24/7, even when it is in composting mode. You can easily dispose of fruit and vegetable leftovers, dairy products, cooked food, coffee filters and even small bones. soilkind turns them into nutrient-rich and fresh compost in only 48 hours!

4. A really clean-cut affair

No smell, no mold, no disgust. soilkind processes your kitchen waste in a completely safe and hygienic manner. Inside, our micro-organisms enjoy a cozy atmosphere of well-being during composting. An automatic hygienization function ensures that the finished compost is completely harmless to health, both for you and your plants. The outer surface of the kitchen composter is easy to clean with a microfiber cloth. The feed chute and lid are removable and, just like the container, easy to clean using dishwashing detergent. soilkind is also energy efficient and uses the waste heat from composting to generate energy - another clean-cut affair for the environment!

5. No more up and down

Without question, walking makes you slim. But carrying the stinky organic waste bag down from the fifth floor is certainly not one of your favorite activities. With soilkind, the upstairs and downstairs trek is no longer necessary - with the newly gained time you can bake a batch of cookies for your friends or finally take a long walk in the park. Here's to even more freedom, convenience, and flexibility in your kitchen!

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Michele Pellegrini
Michele Pellegrini
Nov 21, 2023

I need to buy for test!

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