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8 easy tips for your plant care routine

Plants are friends! They turn our home into a green oasis, produce fresh, clean air, and spread a good mood. Don’t think you have a green thumb? With these 8 tips, you will become a master of indoor plants.

1. Everything in flow

What’s the most common mistake people make in their home garden? Giving plants too much water. Although this is well-intentioned, too much water can make the soil moldy and, in the worst-case scenario, even drown the plants. The trick? Don't water by eye, but by feeling — stick your finger into the soil and check whether it is still slightly damp or already dry. Alternatively, you can use watering sticks that change from blue to white as soon as the soil dries out. Upcycling tip: You can use cooled water from cooking pasta or potatoes to water plants. This contains nutrients and saves the environment.

2. Spray some love

Many plants enjoy a regular shower with a spray bottle — especially in winter when the air is dry. It is best not to spray directly on the leaves, but rather to create a kind of spray mist around the plant. Refreshing!

3. Spot On

Plants carry out photosynthesis, and for this they need light. Some need more, some less. It is always worth asking about the light conditions the plant needs when buying it. Haven’t got any information or were given a plant as a present? There are three basic rules: Pale, yellow or curling leaves mean your plant doesn’t get enough light, brown tips can indicate that the air is too dry, and yellow spots, as well as unusually growing shoots, hint that the plant needs more sun. If you discover any of these signs, then it’s time to find a new place for the plant.

4. It’s all about the pot

Finding the right pot for every plant is easier said than done. Plants need different substrates — it's best to ask a specialist shop for them. More importantly, indoor plants need to be repotted in a larger pot at least every two years! And of course, each of your pots should have a hole so that water can run off and no water logging occurs. By the way, the best time to repot your plants is in spring.

5. Nutrient Compost Cocktail

Just like you, your plant friends should be properly nurtured. To do this, it’s worth mixing some compost under the soil every three to four weeks. Alternatively, you can add compost to water and water your plant. soilkind provides you with fresh, nutritious, and hygienic compost from your kitchen waste every day, which you can distribute to your green pets one by one.

6. Dust magnet

Even plants must be dusted! Otherwise, they’ll have trouble absorbing sunlight through their leaves. The best way to do this is to use a slightly damp microfiber cloth to carefully clean the leaves. Caution: Some plants, such as certain types of ferns, have a protective layer on their leaves. Please do not dust them! Upcycling tip: You can also dust the leaves of your plants with a banana peel. Afterwards, simply dispose of it in soilkind and make fresh compost for fertilising.

7. Group snuggling

Plants breathe, just like us. And in the process, they release moisture into the air. Plants that need a high level of humidity can simply be put together — this way they take good care of each other.

8. Time for the outdoors

When the temperatures are mild and there’s little wind, you can give your plants a chance to enjoy some sunshine. Simply place them on the balcony or terrace for a few hours. Just don't leave them outside overnight and avoid exposing them to excessive sunlight or too many temperature fluctuations.

Something your plants will like as well? Fresh soil mixed with valuable soilkind compost!

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