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Everyday compost - 10 ways to use your soilkind compost

Extra soilkind compost and no idea what to do with it? We'll show you 10 ways to use it to give back to nature and spread some great composting joy at the same time. Let’s get started.

Compost in just 48h. That means if you cook and use soilkind regularly, you're also producing fresh compost regularly. Depending on how many people live in your household and use soilkind, 10 liters of organic waste can be recycled per composting cycle. You will produce about 1.5 liters of fresh, nutrient-rich compost. You mix this with fresh soil in a ratio of 1 to 10.

But what to do with your soilkind compost? We have 10 ideas for you on how you can use our compost:

Small disclaimer - please find out in which months your plants need fertilizer, because there is no blanket formula for that. If you're using compost outside, winter is definitely a rest time.

1. Veggie Lovers

Whether on the balcony, in a raised garden bed or in the garden, soilkind compost provides your vegetables with the best nutrients. Just fold it into your garden beds, water it and you're done.

2. Cheeky fruits

The same applies to the sweet friends in the garden. But it's not just strawberry bushes or raspberry shrubs that enjoy the extra portion of soilkind magic: you can also spread the compost on large fruit trees. Here you don't need to mix it with plant soil - the rain washes the compost into the soil.

3. Urban Jungle

From succulents to monstera, all houseplants love your soilkind compost. Just like out in the wild, indoors applies: Mix your compost with fresh soil at a ratio of 1 to 10 and lift the compost under the soil in the pot.

4. Natural treasure

You want to surprise your garden friends with a very personal gift? Then make a fresh soilkind canning jar. Our compost is extra hygienic and can be stored dry for several years. It is best to store the compost well protected from light.

5. Keep on rolling

Whether as a small gift or for your next nightly guerrilla gardening: soilkind compost is perfect as a base for seed bombs. Simply mix your favorite bee-friendly wildflower seeds with compost and a little clay, plus a splash of water, until the mixture rolls easily into balls. Ready to roll.

6. Seedlings

Already a garden pro and growing your own seedlings? Great. soilkind compost also works well as a base for growing soil. That way, your plant babies are supplied with important nutrients right from the start.

7. To good neighborliness

City and park trees especially struggle during the warm months. Treat them to something good the next time you're out walking or shopping. Just pick up some soilkind compost in a little jar and cheerfully spread it around. Then, if you water the tree a bit while you're at it, the compost can go into the soil faster.

8. Top layer

You can also mix our soilkind compost into your mulch and spread it on the top layer of beds or soil areas. Mulch helps maintain soil moisture, supports fertility and soil health.

9. Always keep it loose

What works on top also works in the middle. Anywhere in the garden, you can work soilkind compost into the soil to provide more aeration and looseness in the soil, which helps your soil absorb and hold more water.

10. Hello lawn

Such an important ecosystem that is often a little neglected in everyday gardening. You can also scatter soilkind compost from your hand over a large area of your lawn. Again, a round of water afterwards, and the fresh compost can seep right into the soil.

Want to know how the soilkind magic works? We've combined nature and high tech to explain how our technology works in this article.

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