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More than just a trash can – soilkind makes compost directly from your organic waste

Looks like an extra nice XXL organic waste garbage can, but is a high-tech and innovative smart home device. How you can use soilkind to make real compost from waste in your home and why you can soon turn your old organic waste garbage can into a bucket for fresh, nutrient-rich compost.

Who doesn't remember the classic bucket for organic waste from the kitchen? A sticky, muddy paradise for flies and insects, whose particularly stubborn smell is familiar to all of us. The bucket of horrors. If you have to take it out, you usually haven't won the household prize, because the even bigger organic waste horror is waiting in the backyard or garden. 

Some people are lucky enough to have a real compost heap. Here, leftovers are diligently collected in the compost bucket for the pile in the backyard. It's not a really appetizing affair either. Especially as a compost heap really does take a long time to produce fresh compost from organic waste. 

What if there was a beautiful, intelligent, practical and reliable device in which we could dispose of all our organic waste sustainably and which worked with the same mechanism as a classic compost heap? 

A bowl full of kitchen scraps

Hello soilkind. 

Looks like a garbage can, but works like a high-tech compost heap: Our unique indoor composter makes more of your organic waste 

A garbage bucket makes compost. It's not that simple. Although the mechanism for disposing of organic waste in soilkind is similar to that of a regular garbage can. 

After cooking or eating, you can dispose of a lot of your organic waste from the kitchen and leftovers in soilkind. Even more and more varied than on a compost heap, for example. 

When organic waste is produced, it's time to open the lid, put the waste in and start composting mode. You can dispose of up to 10 liters of organic waste in soilkind per cycle and process it into high-quality, hygienic compost. So your organic waste doesn't have to wait impatiently in your compost bin for it to start, but is processed quickly, odorlessly and without a long wait in our composter. 

The soilkind tray full of fresh compost

As soon as enough waste has been collected, soilkind starts the composting process. This is where high-tech meets nature, because our fully automatic indoor composter, equipped with patented technology, works according to the principle of natural composting - only much more effectively and much faster.  

Find out more about how you can make real compost in your kitchen here. 

Time for a revolution in your kitchen: from waste container to smart home appliance that makes compost 

At home, we use fully automatic coffee machines, hot air fryers and high-quality, smart kitchen appliances such as Thermomix and Kitchenaid. But our kitchen waste ends up in the bin, just like in the Middle Ages. 

Our fully automatic composter offers you a real alternative to the organic waste garbage can in your house or apartment and the opportunity to make more of your organic waste. Real compost that you can use in the garden or for your indoor plants. 

What is real compost? Find out here

When you switch from a compost bin to a composter, you make more of your organic waste. While your waste is disposed of in the organic waste garbage can and processed in biogas plants or industrial composting plants, you can use your organic waste as a completely new resource when composting at home. 

Because even if it is garbage to us at first, it still contains important nutrients and minerals with which you are doing something good for nature. So it's anything but for the bin! 

And don't worry. Your old garbage can for kitchen scraps doesn't belong in the garbage can. You can repurpose it to store your fresh compost for the next use. That's how we like the word compost bin. 

Want to learn more about our indoor composter? 

Want to know more  about compost?

The features of a fully automatic compost bin that turns organic waste into fresh compost in 48 hours

soilkind was developed in Germany and is produced by a talented team in Italy. Our patented composter works with an innovative two-chamber system that turns organic waste into fresh, real compost in just 48 hours. You can fill soilkind at any time, even when it is in composting mode. 

You can take your ready-to-use, hygienic compost from the two handy containers in the lower part of soilkind. The second container collects nutrient-rich water that escapes during the composting process, which you can use to water your plants. 

Thanks to a filter with activated charcoal, soilkind is virtually odor-proof. This makes handling your organic waste a clean and odorless process. What remains at the end is the smell of fresh soil - because that's what our soilkind compost smells like. 

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