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The Green Thinkers: Ole from Desert Control

We want to welcome you to our new format: The Green Thinkers. We frequently introduce you to people who are making the earth a greener place with their ideas and wisdom. We'll start with Ole Kristian Sivertsen – we met him at this year's GreenTech Festival, where Desert Control won the Innovation Award. Read what makes Desert Control so special and what green hacks Ole shares with us today.

Super sad but true: Over 20% of the earth's fertile land is already degraded. Desertification is a global problem that we need to face since large land areas of fertile soil turn to sand every hour. Desert Control has developed an innovative and unique concept to counteract the spread of deserts and fill them with green life again. They use so-called Liquid Natural Clay (LNC). A natural material that can turn desert sand into fertile soil in less than 7 hours. A process that previously has taken between 7 and 12 years. This is a real green game-changer for us and a ray of hope for a green future. Curtain up for Ole.

Hi – who are you?

Hi, I’m Ole Kristian Sivertsen, Hope Maker and Climate Optimist, and also CEO of the Climate-Tech start-up Desert Control.

What did you have for breakfast today?

I started my day at 05.00 with a bowl of oatmeal, some blueberries and nuts. A good energy foundation for a good day :-)

Share something that makes you happy at the moment…

We are hiring and onboarding a lot of new team members these days. Seeing the passion and dedication everyone brings to the team is amazing. Also it's inspiring to see our dream and plan turning into reality step by step - and this makes me very happy.

What does a normal working day look like in your world?

My world doesn't have normal days :-) We strive for the extraordinary, and the days don't feel like work when you are on a mission :-)

Why do you think your company is important for the environment?

Our company is dedicated to combat desertification, soil degradation, and water scarcity. Nearly everything we eat and even the air we breathe is utterly dependent on healthy soil. Still, 12 million hectares of fertile land perish to desertification annually. That’s equal to 2000 football fields lost every hour. Winning the race against desertification is important to safeguard all life on earth.

Which trend(s) in sustainability and green tech are you feeling positive and hopeful about?

I have a profound belief in the potential of people, the power of humanity, and the genius of nature, and this makes me hopeful that we can overcome even the biggest challenges facing our planet.

What green life hack have you learned recently that you're curious to share?

I have been surprised by learning about the water-footprint of various foods, and would like more people to raise awareness of this. Food should have water-footprint marking just as they have calories listed.

Let's say we give you a little bit of our soilkind compost. Which plants do you want to share some compost joy with?

I love broccoli. I grow them at home, and they definitely deserve joy!

How do you connect with nature? Where do you feel most at home?

We have a cabin in the mountains and the only way to get there is on foot. It's very basic and being without the amenities we take for granted in everyday life is refreshing and allows me to connect with nature, with myself, and with my family in a special way.

If you had one minute to talk to the Earth, what would you say to her?

We hear you and together we will create a greener future…

Thank you so much, Ole.

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