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Creating compost in the kitchen – how to make your own compost directly at home

A compost heap in the kitchen? No way. Is there no better solution? Welcome to the soilkind compost cosmos: with our fully automatic composter, you can turn your organic waste into real compost right in your kitchen - without a compost heap and in just 48 hours. How it works, how composting at home differs from the compost heap in the garden and how you can get started right away.

We love compost. Because compost ensures healthy soil, happy plants and makes a significant contribution to climate protection. Not everyone has the time, space or patience to take care of a compost heap in the garden. 

This is where we come in, because we have combined the best of nature and high-tech: soilkind enables you to produce fresh, nutrient-rich and real compost from almost any organic waste. 

Here's what you need to know about our fully automatic kitchen composter, which brings the composting power of the compost heap into your home: 

A pile of organic waste? Produce compost without a compost heap - right in your kitchen 

Every kitchen produces organic waste every day. Imagine you can use this organic waste to produce something great: Fresh compost. In principle, you can imagine the inside of a fully automatic kitchen composter as a compost heap. soilkind's technology has accelerated the composting process and allows you to produce real compost in just 48 hours. We work with a patented two-chamber system that mimics the natural composting process inside soilkind. 

Plus: you can also dispose of food such as dairy products or cooked food in soilkind, which is an absolute no-go for a compost heap. 

Composting without detours 

No stairs, no gardening - just straight from your chopping board or finished dishes into the soilkind. We invented and developed our kitchen composter to make composting easy, practical and suitable for everyday use. No matter where you live or how much organic waste you produce in your kitchen. 

Cycle by cycle instead of layer by layer - this is how composting works in the kitchen 

A good compost heap needs time and attention and, in addition to strict rules about what belongs in a compost heap in the garden, one thing is particularly important: turning it over. This shifts the rotting of the mass in the compost heap because the heap in the garden does not start moving on its own. 

soilkind works with composting cycles of 48 hours. After that, you have ready-to-use and hygienic compost. You can also add new organic waste at any time, even if the composting process has already started. Up to 10 liters of organic waste can be filled into the upper chamber, while the kitchen waste is processed into compost in the second chamber. In the end, 10 liters of organic waste become 2 liters of compost - soilkind works with a volume reduction of 80%.  

We present soilkind's patented technology with the two-chamber system in detail in this article

Compost - the best friend of healthy soil 

Even if you don't fall in love with our compost, your plants will. Because in addition to enough water and light, plants love really good nutrients. Thanks to our patented technology, all relevant nutrients such as phosphorus and potassium are retained in our fertilizer to go.  

Why is compost so good for the soil? Find out more here

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